High Powered Strategies to Beat The Market With Less Risk ...                                            

Outperform the Market With Substantially Less Risk! Here’s How ...

Outperform the Market With Substantially Less Risk! Here’s How ...

Introducing "The Alpha Formula: High Powered Strategies to Beat The Market With Less Risk " - a superior way to build portfolio’s, backed by decades of data, and applying concepts used by the largest hedge funds in the world.
Dear Investor,

Are you...

...a money manager looking to significantly improve your performance?
...a private investor managing your own money?
...or an industry professional who is looking for new and groundbreaking ways to beat the market with less risk?

In today's market you need new, high powered strategies that are different from what everyone else is doing.
Beat The Market With Less Risk
Beating the market with less risk is the ultimate goal. Few professional money managers succeed at it and it’s the number one reason why index investing is at all-time highs.

Why is that so?

Because most money managers apply the same techniques and strategies over and over again, despite the evidence that these techniques are outdated and no longer have edges.

Investing based on guessing the future, story stocks, outdated fundamental analysis, and gut feel - these techniques are no longer effective ways to manage a portfolio.

Is there a better way for you to achieve market beating returns while taking less risk?

There is. It’s having systematic quantified strategies that perform well in all market conditions.
Does Your Portfolio Have Strategies To Profit In All Market Conditions?
We’re sure you’d agree...

1. Markets Go Up
2. Markets Go Down
3. Markets Go Through Times of Stress

How would you like to have systematic, quantified strategies in place to take advantage of each market environment above?

How would you like these strategies to be backed by decades of statistical evidence and based on inherent human behavior that is unlikely to change going forward?

This is exactly what you will receive in The Alpha Formula - High Powered Strategies to Beat The Market With Less Risk.
The "Holy Grail Of Investing" According To Hedge Fund Legend Ray Dalio
Combining uncorrelated strategies is the closest thing to the holy grail of investing.

Look no further than billionaire hedge fund legend Ray Dalio.

Mr. Dalio has stated for decades that combining a handful of uncorrelated strategies is the “holy grail of investing” because it significantly increases risk-adjusted returns. This is the technique that he applied to make himself a billionaire and make his firm, Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world!

In the new book The Alpha Formula - High Powered Strategies to Beat The Market With Less Risk , you will learn how to do this - backed by many years and decades of historical test results.

Results that look like this...
As you can see...
  • Higher Returns
  • Higher Sharpe Ratio
  • Significantly Less Volatility
  • ​80% Lower Drawdowns!
  • ​Near Zero Beta
  • ​Alpha of over 9%.  The index fund industry states that active money management doesn’t work. They also claim alpha doesn’t exist. This book proves them wrong!
This is How Alpha is Created and is Fully Documented For You in 
The Alpha Formula
1. Trade Minimally Correlated Strategies. Find a suite of strategies with low to non-correlation to each other. Ray Dalio is richer than only a few people in the world. As he wrote in his great book “Principles,” having a portfolio of uncorrelated strategies is the “holy grail” of investing. The strategies in The Alpha Formula have low correlations to each other and the overall market.

2. Profit in Bull Markets - Have systematic strategies in place for the times when markets rise. Expand your profit making ability by learning how to be long bull markets not only in the US, but anywhere in the world.

3. Profit in Bear Markets - Have systematic strategies in place for the times when markets decline. Yes, there’s been a bull market for over a decade. But we all know this won’t last forever. You’ll learn when and how to go short ETFs from around the world to take advantage of bear markets wherever they exist.

4. Profit During Times of Stress - Have systematic strategies in place to protect (and potentially profit) from times when markets go through times of stress.

5. Profit from Trend Following - Over the longer term, securities trend higher. There’s over 100 years of rigorous academic studies to support this as well as behavioral explanations. You'll learn new strategies to systematically profit from market trends.

6. Profit from Mean Reversion - Over the shorter term (days to weeks), securities often overreact and then mean revert. You will learn new strategies that take advantage of the times when investors panic and the smart money steps in.

7. Take Advantage of Repeatable Human Behavior. Ideally, your strategies will have an inherent behavioral reason behind the market behavior you are looking to profit from. Hardwired human behavior is unlikely to change in any meaningful way and leads to sustainable edges and Alpha.
It’s 2020! Trust Data Science - Not Talking Heads on TV with 
Their Opinions and Their Stories!
Applying data driven, scientific concepts successfully used by the likes of Ray Dalio, AQR and other giants in quantitative investing is how the smart money invests. Not in story stocks, or absurd predictions of where the market will close 18 months from now.

Backed by dozens of academic studies both in finance and behavioral science, along with decades of data, you will learn new systematic quantified strategies including:

  • Rising Assets Strategy - A high-performing trend following strategy that buys assets, such as equities and real estate, when they are rising and moves into bonds and other safe assets when they are not. 
  • ​Connors Research Weekly Mean Reversion Strategy - A strategy that invests in individual, high quality and liquid US stocks after they have pulled back in an overall bull market. This historically high performing strategy takes advantage of the times the smart money moves back into these stocks. 
  • ​Connors Research Dynamic Treasuries Strategy - A strategy designed to profit from periods when markets go through times of stress. Our Connors Research Dynamic Treasuries strategy trades US Treasury Bond ETFs and once a week dynamically adjusts the duration based on market trends.
  • ​ETF Avalanches Strategy - A short-only strategy. This systematic strategy trades a global collection of ETFs, looking to establish short positions in ETFs after they have had a large spike higher in an otherwise downtrending market. These “bear-market rallies” are often wrong and are a great place to be shorting overbought ETFs before they resume their downward trend.
You will also learn...  
  • Why these strategies work
  • The behavioral underpinnings of these strategies
  • Decades of quantitative evidence supporting them
  • ​And how to combine them into a systematic portfolio for you to use for years to come

Praise For The Alpha Formula

The Alpha Formula appeals equally to readers looking for a strategy they can use out of the box, as it does to quant developers looking to jump start their own development. 

We consider The Alpha Formula a must-read for anybody interested in quantitative trading, and the best trading-related book we read in 2019.

Felix Bertram - CTO, Owner at Bertram Solutions LLC
More Knowledge You’ll Gain
Ray Dalio’s Holy Grail Of Investing - You will learn how to follow billionaire’s Ray Dalio “Holy Grail of Investing” by investing in multiple low correlated strategies in order to achieve consistent returns.

Full Disclosure of The Trading Rules - You’ll receive full disclosure of the rules. Unlike most investment books which give generalized guidelines, The Alpha Formula fully discloses the rules so you know exactly what you’re trading and why.

Everything is 100% Systematic - No Discretion! - This means there is no emotion involved. Simply put in the trades and you’re done.

Everything is Fully Quantified - Data Science dominates most industries and the same goes for investing. The biggest and best hedge funds quantify everything. You will too.

Simple To Use - The Alpha Formula is simple to use. There’s no advanced math required - the book is written for everyone - from someone first starting out all the way up to Chief Investment Officers of multi-billion dollar investment firms.

Behavioral Finance is Included - You will learn what behavior is behind each strategy. Alpha is often generated by investors behaving in certain predictable ways. Imagine being in a poker game and knowing how the other players behave at certain times. The Alpha Formula brings you inside the mind of the major market players and shows you how they behave during various market conditions. Having this knowledge puts you ahead of the majority of traders and investors in the world.
Extensive Input From Top Market Professionals
The authors, Chris Cain, CMT and Larry Connors, have nearly 5 decades of combined professional trading and research experience.

Ahead of publishing The Alpha Formula, Chris and Larry had ten additional top level professionals review the strategies and provide input to the book.

These professionals ranged from heads of Investment Strategy for asset management firms to professional market makers with over 25 years of live trading experience.

You have the peace of mind knowing that the information in this book is supported by some of the top professionals in the world.
100% Money Back Guarantee!
My 100% Money Back
We're so sure The Alpha Formula will
make you a better money manager and
investor, you’ll receive a 60-day 
100% money back guarantee.

Order The Alpha Formula today. 
If you don’t see significant gains in 
your knowledge and improvement in 
your results, you will get a full refund. 
No questions asked.  

We're so sure The Alpha Formula will make you a better money manager and investor, you’ll receive a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

Order The Alpha Formula today. If you don’t see significant gains in your knowledge and improvement in your results, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.  
Order Now! - Receive Immediate Access
The price of The Alpha Formula is only $79.95 ($39.95 if you order by Sunday, April 19 - a savings of 50%).

If you order today, you’ll receive a PDF copy of the book emailed to you immediately. 

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