America’s Most Wired Cities

America’s most-wired cities

By Frank Barnako,
Last Update: 10:12 AM ET Apr
3, 2001

Portland, Seattle and San Francisco are the cities with the highest
percentage of Internet penetration, reported Nielsen/NetRatings (NTRT).
Each boasts Net access in almost 70 percent of households. “Access
to the Internet has become a need rather than a luxury for the
mainstream population in the U.S.,” said Allen Weiner, vice
president of analytical services, NetRatings. “Applications such as
e-mail and commerce have become part of our daily routine as the Web has
touched our personal and professional lives.” In each of the
nation’s largest markets, household Net access is greater than 53

RealNetworks player market share increases

RealNetworks (RNWK) has widened its lead among home users through its
RealPlayer streaming media software, according to a research report by
Jupiter Media Metrix (JMXI). The analysts also reported the number of
home users of standalone media players is almost three times that of
at-work users; 41.7 million, compared to 15.7 million. In the at-home
universe, 25.9 million U.S. Internet users used a RealNetworks player,
21.5 million used Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Media software, and 7.3
million used Apple Computer’s (AAPL) QuickTime. In January 2000, Real
users numbered 17.5 million, Windows Media had 16.4 million and
QuickTime users totaled 7.9 million. RealNetworks also currently has the
largest share of users at work, the report said.

Video e-mail drives leads for Buick

A marketing campaign using video e-mail to promote the new 2002 Buick
Rendezvous SUV drew responses from almost 13 percent of the recipients,
exceeding the average response rate for traditional direct mail
campaigns, said ExpandMail president Peter Martin. The video e-mail was
distributed to nearly 100,000 consumers throughout the country in early
2001. Over 12,750 people, or 12.8 percent, opened and viewed it. The
average response rate, he said is 1 to 2 percent. “Video e-mail
enabled Buick to engage consumers with an Internet tool that broke
through the clutter of traditional advertising,” said Casey
Garwood, Buick interactive advertising manager.

AOL adds Oxygen equity

AOL Time Warner (AOL) said it will make an additional equity
investment in Oxygen Media as part of an agreement to offer Oxygen’s TV
programming to Time Warner Cable subscribers. The media company’s
programming targeted at women will be available by the third quarter of
next year. Oxygen’s Web properties will also receive increased
visibility on AOL’s Web sites and online services. Financial terms of
the agreement were not disclosed.

Almost 50K software pirate Web sites

Microsoft (MSFT) said it identified at least 47,000 Web sites selling
counterfeit software over the past six months. “Organized crime
turned to the Internet to automate their business and we turned to the
Internet to thwart their businesses,” said Brad Smith, deputy
general counsel for Microsoft’s worldwide sales and support, Upside
Media reported. He said the company uses software and the efforts of 250
employees to scour the Web for pirates. Much of the fake software is
burned on compact discs in Asia, but sold in the United States and
Europe, Smith added.

Dot-com TV show names stars

Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television (NWS) have
selected the leads for their planned ABC-TV dramedy about a troubled
Internet company. Actors Ron Livingston and Leslie Stefanson will play
co-owners of a dot-com which has fallen on hard times and calls in
corporate types to rescue the operation, said the Hollywood Reporter. A
one-hour pilot is being produced.

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