Crude Oil Hits 8-Week High

The EIA reported a rise in Crude
Oil inventories,

Gasoline inventories fell, along with distillate


All the energies closed higher, with the best
performance coming from Unleaded Gas.

Treasuries continued their decline today, with higher interest rates and the
sale of $14 Bln in 5yr T-notes exerting downward pressure. The yield on the 10yr
T-note hit a 21-month high, closing at 4.810%, while the yield on the 5yr T-note
neared a 4-year high at 4.800%.

The US Dollar closed slightly lower versus the Euro and Yen as traders reflected
on yesterday’s interest rate hike by the Fed. The British Pound was the weakest
currency among the majors, losing ground against the Dollar, Euro and Yen.

Economic News

EIA: Crude Oil Inventories Up 2.1 Mln. Barrels; Gasoline Inventories Down 5.4
Mln. Barrels (report).

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