From FAZ to TZA: Learn to Trade Leveraged ETFs with Larry Connors

When Larry Connors developed high probability trading strategies for stocks, traders were thrilled. And asked for more. So he and his research team a set of innovative, high probability trading strategies for ETFs.

And grateful traders again asked for more, Larry and his team introduced not only ETF PowerRatings, but strategies for day-trading exchange-traded funds, as well.

Still, traders wanted more.

And once again, Larry Connors and the team at Connors Research delivered.

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The new TradingMarkets Leveraged ETF Course includes a number of new, quantified trading strategies especially geared toward the challenges of trading leveraged ETFs. Whether the leveraged ETFs is a regular 2x leveraged fund like the ^SSO^ or a triple-leveraged inverse ETF like the ^FAZ^, these high probability strategies will give you the tools you need in order to buy leveraged ETFs when their short-term edges are at their greatest.

Like all of the strategies Larry Connors has introduced over the years, the leveraged ETF trading strategies that make up the TradingMarkets Leveraged ETF Trading Course have been vigorously quantified and backtested through thousands of simulated trades. In the case of these leveraged ETF trading strategies, the research extends as far back as 2006.

Below is an example of a high probability, leveraged ETF set-up from the fall of 2009 involving the ^EDC^. Traders familiar with Larry Connors’ high probability short term trading strategies will undoubtedly notice some of the signature characteristics of high probability trading – from buying the selling to exiting into strength.

Here traders who bought an extremely oversold leveraged ETF in EDC were able to lock in gains of well over 12% in just one day.

With special strategies for trading leveraged ETFs with options – including covered call strategies – tips on how to use the Relative Strength Index with certain highly leveraged ETFs and instruction on Larry’s own, primary leveraged ETF trading strategy, a strategy that has been correct more than 89% of the time.

Are you ready to handle the double-edged sword of leverage? If you are an aggressive trader with the discipline to trade advanced instruments like leveraged and inverse leveraged ETFs, then click here to reserve your spot in Larry Connor’s upcoming TradingMarkets Leveraged ETF Trading Course, Thursday, February 11th at 4:30 p.m. Eastern.

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