From Libya and Egypt to Brazil and Japan: Larry Connors’ Battle Plan Goes 7 for 7 in 2011

What a quarter!

Start with January. Remember the tragic flooding and mudslides in Brazil, one of the world’s great emerging nations? Or one month later, when popular revolts in Tunisia and Egypt forced the resignations of two long-term leaders after a combined 50+ years in power?

Then, in March out of nowhere, the 9.0 earthquake in Japan, followed by the tsunami, followed by the nuclear accident … Meanwhile, back in the Middle East, NATO began enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya as a popular revolt there veered toward civil war.

If that doesn’t sound like an uncertain environment in which to be trading stocks, then I don’t know what does. Is it any surprise that from mid-February to mid-March, the S&P dropped by more than 6% alone?

But what is truly remarkable is that over this period, the Model Portfolio for Larry Connors’ Daily Battle Plan went 7 for 7: seven high probability trades, seven high probability winners, for an average per trade P/L of 1.16%.

SPY chart

Above: A few of the trades in the ^SPY^ in the first few months of 2011

As Larry Connors wrote Friday morning in his “Morning Market Intelligence” report to subscribers:

“There were plenty of extreme world economic and political events along with the happenings in Japan to trade through, and you got to see the wisdom of having a structured, disciplined trading plan in place.”

In other words, subscribers to Larry Connors’ Daily Battle Plan were able to take maximum advantage of the turmoil and volatility of the first few months of 2011. While other traders and investors were paralyzed by fear, uncertainty and doubt, traders following along with the Model Portfolio in Larry Connors’ Daily Battle Plan were able to take a calm, rational and objective look at opportunities in the stock market and, importantly, were able to strike when the time was right. Over and over and over again.

Added Larry, “No matter what world events were, we were prepared ahead of time.”

“This remains in my mind the very best way to trade, manage and grow your money on a consistent basis.”

QQQ chart

Above: A short-term Battle Plan trade in the ^QQQ^ in March earned more than 2% in two days.

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