How To Bank Your Profits

Knowing how to “bank” your profits
is an essential part of one’s trading strategy.
Especially in difficult
markets it’s very important to keep your rules in place and your har- earned
bankroll in your own pocket, and not Mr. Morgan’s.


Setup Alert

JP Morgan (JPM),
from the
Daytrader’s Report
has triggered out of a low level Slim
formation using the extended intraday chart. The stock is up .27 at
27.04 in an intraday consolidation above the prior breakout point.

We did a great job of alerting our members to a
solid opportunity in JPM, but ultimately booking the profits with Mr. Morgan
while he was being generous was the difference between a good profitable trade,
and a good entry with nothing to show for it. As all great bankers and traders
know, the little things can mean a lot to the bottom line, and counting every
penny pays off over the long run.