This Is Why Oil Services Has My Attention

The Oil Service
and Drilling sectors definitely have my attention
right now. Why is
that? I have included two daily charts below. One of the
Oil Service Holders

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, and one for

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. As you can see there are some common characteristics

1) Solid Fibonacci price

2) Bullish Gartley patterns into our support zone

3) Time cycles for a reversal to the upside right about now

4) Also…RDC has a Triple Crown Zone imbedded in its Fibonacci price support
levels from 20.00 to 20.88

So, in the
short term although these stocks have been quite weak, I would be thinking about
taking profits if short and even considering a long trade against these zones.
Of course, if triggered into a long, I’m placing my stop just below the support

Good night!


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