7 ETF Pullbacks for Tuesday

The following 7 ETFs are the most oversold heading into Tuesday’s trading as measured by their 2-period RSI found in the TradingMarkets Screener:

1. VIX
Short-Term Futures ETN Ipath
VXX 1.45 $26.03
2. VIX
Short-Term Futures ETF Prosh
VIXY 1.59 $13.96
3. VIX
Short-Term ETN Velocityshare
VIIX 2.24 $14.09
4. VIX
Mid-Term Futures ETF Proshar
VIXM 2.92 $30.82
5. VIX
Mid-Term Futures ETN Ipath
VXZ 3.50 $25.08
S&P Metals & Mining
XME 4.96 $44.93
Japanese Yen Trust
FXY 5.57 $109.58

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