Getting Ready for Monday Morning’s Trading

Here are the stocks, ETFs, and Leveraged ETFs you need to know for Monday morning.

The following securities are the most oversold according to ConnorRSI as of Friday’s close. This Watchlist was created using the TradingMarkets Screener.

Top 5 Oversold Stocks

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Qualcomm Inc. QCOM 5.35 $59.83
Cms Energy Corp. CMS 5.56 $24.03
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries L TEVA 5.71 $38.10
Armour Residential R ARR 6.01 $6.60
Schlumberger N.V. SLB 6.18 $68.91

Top 5 Oversold ETFs

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Oil Services ETF Market Vectors OIH 10.63 $37.95
Ultrapro QQQ Proshares TQQQ 16.08 $50.04
Powershares QQQ QQQ 16.16 $64.69
Russell 1000 Growth Index Ishare IWF 16.26 $65.22
Technology Select Sector SPDR XLK 17.00 $28.69

Top 5 Oversold Leveraged ETFs

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Ultra QQQ Proshares QLD 16.21 $53.73
Ultra Silver Proshares AGQ 18.21 $49.88
Ultrapro S&P 500 Proshares UPRO 19.46 $85.86
Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury Pro SSO 19.65 $59.34
Financial Bull 3x Direxion TBT 26.47 $61.42


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