Getting Ready for Monday Morning’s Trading

Here are the stocks, ETFs, and Leveraged ETFs you need to know for Monday morning.

The following securities are the most oversold according to ConnorRSI as of Friday’s close. This Watchlist was created using the TradingMarkets Screener.

Top 5 Oversold Stocks

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions MDRX 7.61 $11.12
Verisign VRSN 7.63 $34.15
Sears Holdings Corp. SHLD 8.70 $42.01
Southwestern Energy Company SWN 8.88 $34.71
Cooper Industries Inc CBE 9.25 $74.50

Top 5 Oversold ETFs

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
US Nat Gas FD ETF UNG 9.29 $20.39
Silver Trust Ishares SLV 23.86 $32.36
DB US Dollar Index Bullish Power UUP 24.42 $21.92
SPDR Gold Trust GLD 26.79 $166.05
iShares COMEX Gold Trust ETF IAU 27.00 $16.68

Top 5 Oversold Leveraged ETFs

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Proshares UltraShort DJ-UBS Crude Oil SCO 19.18 $42.69
ProShares Ultra Silver AGQ 23.60 $53.84
ProShares Ultra S&P 500 SDS 28.42 $55.41
Financial Bear 3x Direxion FAZ 32.70 $17.14
Energy Bull 3x Direxion ERX 42.88 $47.48


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