Getting Ready for Monday Morning’s Trading 6/17/13

Getting Ready for Monday Morning’s Trading 6/17/13

Here are the stocks, ETFs, and Leveraged ETFs you need to know for Monday morning.

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The following securities are the most oversold and overbought according to ConnorsRSI for Monday’s trading. Click here to download your free copy of An Introduction to ConnorsRSI. This Watchlist was created using the TradingMarkets Screener.

Today’s Market Conditions

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Name Symbol ConnorsRSI
SPDR S&P 500 ETF SPY 33.17
Powershares QQQ QQQ 31.57
Russell 2000 ETF IWM 34.21
S&P GSCI Crude Oil TR Index ETN OIL 86.58
SPDR Gold GLD 66.01
20+ Year Trsy Bond Ishares TLT 44.79
VIX Short-Term Futures ETN Ipath VXX 70.38


5 Most Oversold Stocks

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours And Comp DD 4.10 $52.68
Arena Pharmaceuticals ARNA 4.20 $7.78
Aeropostale Inc ARO 5.00 $13.78
Linn Energy Llc LINE 5.78 $31.07
Himax Technologies HIMX 6.01 $5.39


5 Most Oversold ETFs

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
DB US Dollar Index Bullish Power UUP 17.04 $21.88
Japan Hedged Equity Wisdomtree DXJ 17.37 $42.76
Senior Loan Portfolio Powershare BKLN 18.94 $24.86
Maxis Nikkei 225 Index ETF NKY 19.71 $15.90
Taiwan Index MSCI Ishares EWT 20.25 $13.24


5 Most Oversold Leveraged ETFs

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Ultrashort DJ-UBS Crude Oil Pros SCO 13.97 $35.40
Ultrashort Yen Proshares YCS 16.36 $58.06
Gold Miners Bull 3X Direxion NUGT 27.19 $9.58
Financial Bull 3X Direxion FAS 30.04 $64.29
Ultrapro QQQ Proshares TQQQ 31.39 $69.20


5 Most Overbought Stocks and ETFs

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Staples SPLS 93.16 $16.04
Mylan Inc. MYL 93.03 $31.68
Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. SWHC 91.18 $9.78
1-3 Year Treasury Bond Ishares SHY 91.09 $84.43
Gaylord Entertainment Company RHP 90.69 $36.40


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