Getting Ready for Monday Morning’s Trading

Here are the stocks, ETFs, and Leveraged ETFs you need to know for Monday morning.

The following securities are the most oversold according to ConnorRSI as of Friday’s close. This Watchlist was created using the TradingMarkets Screener.

Top 5 Oversold Stocks

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Herbalife Ltd HLF 0.28 $27.27
Golden Star Resources Ltd GSS 3.30 $1.52
Paychex PAYX 3.40 $31.40
Vonage Holdings VG 4.46 $2.32
Yum! Brands YUM 4.55 $63.88

Top 5 Oversold ETFs

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Daily Inverse VIX ST ETN Velocit XIV 10.87 $17.21
Mexico Investable Mkt Idx MSCI I EWW 11.08 $69.59
SPDR S&P Retail XRT 11.88 $62.28
Emrg Mkts ETF MSCI Vanguard VWO 13.43 $43.42
India Earnings Widsomtree EPI 14.41 $18.92

Top 5 Oversold Leveraged ETFs

Name Symbol ConnorsRSI Price
Ultra QQQ Proshares QLD 20.26 $55.18
Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury Pro TBT 24.61 $62.68
Ultra S&P 500 Proshares SSO 26.77 $60.72
Ultrapro S&P 500 Proshares UPRO 27.08 $89.04
Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil Proshares UCO 27.36 $27.63


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