NASDAQ Market Suspends Trading

NASDAQ Market Suspends Trading

All trading on the NASDAQ stock market was halted at 12:14pm ET today due to an undisclosed technology glitch. According to NASDAQ officials, the problem is centered around their live data feed and currently there is no set time for trading to resume.

NASDAQ released an updated alert on their website stating:

“NASDAQ intends to re-open trading in all Tape C securities with a 15-minute quote only period. All stale quotes have been cleared from the UTP SIP at this time and halts have been disseminated with a reason code of T6. NASDAQ will now re-open trading in symbol AAME with a 15-minute quoting period beginning at 14:45, with trading beginning at approximately 15:00. All other securities will then be released at 15:10 with a 15-minute quote only period with trading resuming at approximately 15:25.”

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Officials also noted that they would not be cancelling already open orders, while granting customers the choice of cancelling their orders themselves if they choose to. Trading has also been suspended on all NASDAQ options markets.