The 7 Most Oversold ETFs for Tuesday

The following 7 ETFs and ETNs are the most oversold heading into Tuesday morning as measured by their 2-period RSI. As you can see, the Real-Estate sector dominates the list.

1. VIX Mid-Term
Futures ETN Ipath
VXZ 0.25 33.63
2. SPDR Wells Fargo Preferred Stock PSK 0.51 45.33
3. Financial Preferred Powershares PGF 0.78 18.36
4. Realty Majors Cohen & Steers Ish ICF 1.18 78.67
5. REIT Index ETF Vanguard VNQ 1.64 65.77
6. SPDR DJ REIT RWR 1.67 72.88
7. S&P REIT Index First Trust FRI 1.8 17.69

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