The 7 Most Oversold ETFs for Tuesday

The following 7 ETFs are the most oversold heading into Tuesday’s trading as measured by their 2-period RSI:

1. Egypt Index ETF
Market Vectors
EGPT 2.16 14.83
2. MBS Bond Ishares MBB 5.61 109.02
3. REIT Index ETF Vanguard VNQ 10.12 64.49
4. SPDR S/T Muni Bd Barclays Capita SHM 10.78 24.43
5. SPDR DJ REIT RWR 10.86 71.41
6. Real Estate Bull 3X Direxion DRN 10.88 71.44
7. High-Yield Eq Div Achievers Powe PEY 10.91 9.66

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