The 7 Most Oversold ETFs for Wednesday

The following 7 ETFs are the most oversold heading into Wednesday’s trading as measured by their 2-period RSI:

1. MBS Bond
MBB 3.48 108.95
2. Australian Dollar Trust FXA 7.08 102.65
3. Vietnam ETF Market Vectors VNM 9.87 15.76
4. SPDR S&P Retail XRT 11.32 62.21
5. Japan Index MSCI Ishares EWJ 11.75 9.10
6. Japanese Yen Trust FXY 12.09 125.64
7. DB G10 Currency Harvest Powersha DBV 13.94 25.20

Powered by the ConnorsOne Screener to be released in late October

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