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Trading the Trend – Part 2


In our first installment of this series, we established the simple fact that price action in ALL financial markets behaves quite predictably around its open range of the actual pit session hours. Not every day… but more days than not. Anytime you can find any price behavior that repeats itself more often than not, you […]

Trading the Trend – Part 1


Market terms that traders commonly use such as “price action” and “trends” are relative by comparison. For the purely intraday traders out there and/or traders who look to establish trade positions with longer hold times expected, measuring the current trend with price action itself can be made simple and highly effective. The concept we’ll disclose […]

Why I Keep My Eyes on Multiple Time Frames

When trend following, TradingMarkets contributor Austin Passamonte always keeps his eyes on multiple time frames. Here, he explains why other traders should opt to do the same.

The Historical Patterns of Sideways Markets

TradingMarkets contributing writer Austin Passamonte takes a look at the historical patterns of sideways markets, with an eye toward what the near-term and mid-term future might hold.

If You Like Volatility Consider Trading This…

For the past few years and counting, crude oil futures have gained increasing popularity and attention from individual traders for a number of good reasons. Austin Passamonte explains why its a good commodity to trade.

What I Trade When S&P Volatility Dips

When the S&P volatility dips, what can traders do? Austin Passamonte takes a look at all the various futures markets to help you decide which is a more viable choice for building a diversified portfolio.

Applying Black Jack Principles to Intraday Trading

What do winning blackjack players and great trend followers have in common? A sound money management system. Austin Passamonte explains how discipline in your money management can help you avoid the various mental and emotional pitfalls that will lose you money.

How Lower Volatility Impacts Day Traders

Financial markets tend to have a distinct personality in each calendar year. Here is Austin Passamonte’s tutorial on how lower volatility, associated with the year 2009, can impact daytraders.

Making More by Trading Less

Here’s a question commonly asked by most traders: how is it that I’m trading more but still losing money? Tradingmarkets contributor Austin Passamonte offers some advise on how to properly manage your portfolio and make a lot more money per trade in less time.

How I Trade False Breakouts

It’s a big step forward to stay out of price traps or false breakouts, but understanding them will allow you to change them from a negative trading experience into a positive.