Trading Markets

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Riding the VIX

In John Nyaradi’s view, the best use of the VIX is to view it in concert with other indicators to confirm a suspected trend or change in direction. Here’s how he uses the VIX to stay on the right side of the markets.

Charles Dow Says Bull Market

The Dow Theory has been around for almost 100 years, so in today’s volatile market will its methodology still hold true? John Nyaradi puts the Dow Theory to the test.

How to Control Greed, Fear and the Herd

Clearly greed and fear have been active players in this extreme market action and so it’s a good time to examine these two emotional factors and their role in trading today’s markets.

Daytrading and Swing Trading Direxion

As with any investment, it is important to educate yourself and have a sound plan before going into battle. John Nyaradi takes a look at a series of Direxion Shares exchange traded funds to show active traders the full menu of trading opportunities available.

How to Invest with ETFs in a Declining Market

The sky is almost the limit when it comes to new alternatives for investors. With new flexibility offered by exchange traded funds, knowledgeable investors have more opportunities than ever to seek profits during market declines.

8 Reasons to Trade ETFs

In this article, John Nyaradi shares his 8 reasons for trading exchange traded funds and what they can do for your portfolio.

How to Beat the Bear Market

The bear market is here and it’s painful. Here are some ways you can reduce your market exposure with bear market ETFs.