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Knowing the Real Odds of Successful Options Trading

Options are an excellent tool to have in your trading arsenal, as they can be used to reduce risk and increase your income in the markets. Ken Trester discusses how to properly add options to your trading portfolio.

How I Trade Uncovered Options

There are certain risks associated with trading uncovered options, but there is also unlimited profit potential. Ken Trester discusses how to trade uncovered options with minimum risks and maximum gains.

How to Use the VIX to Guide Your Trading Decisions

What does volatility mean to us as options traders? Plenty, since it measures risk and investor sentiment. Options trader Ken Trester examines why volatility is an important factor to consider before making an options play.

Using LEAPs to Trade Earnings

The best stocks to buy are those that are undervalued. And when you combine an undervalued stock with an undervalued long-term option contract, or LEAP, your chance of securing a nice profit is much greater.

The Business of Writing Covered Calls

Option writing is not as easy as it sounds; it requires some guidelines in order to give you a better chance of succeeding. Here are some specific objectives from ken Trester to guide you.

Building the Ideal Options Trade in Volatile Markets

While stock investors are seeing turmoil and running for the sidelines, options traders are able to buy calls in the winning names and buy puts in the losing names. Options trader Ken Trester shows you how to profit from options trading in spite of the current market conditions.

Give Yourself Time To Be Right With Options

Risk is everywhere on Wall Street, but you needn’t simply accept it. Instead, you can conquer it with options. TradingMarkets contributor Ken Trester breaks down the ins and outs of options trading.

4 Rules for Trading Covered Calls Successfully

Covered call writing is perhaps the most elementary and conservative of all option strategies. TradingMarkets contributor Ken Trester discusses his four C.Y.A. strategy, which can increase your stock returns by up to 20% annually.