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How to Trade Options: An In-Depth Series

Michael Kopera

Learn how to successfully trade options from veteran trader Michael Kopera in our new in-depth options trading series. Join us as we explore the fundamentals of trading options in this first installment.

How to Trade Options – Part 2: The Greeks

Join Michael Kopera in this latest installment of our options trading series as he covers the vital indicators for measuring the sensitivity of an optionÆs price – The Greeks.

How to Avoid Early Assignment Risk on Your Options Position

Michael Kopera

One expiration date Friday morning, you turn on your computer and notice you are no longer short 10 about-to-expire SPY calls, instead you are short 1,000 shares of SPY. What happened? How does this affect your options trading? Could you have anticipated this happening? What happened? Almost certainly, you were assigned on your short calls […]