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Option Survival: Setting and Following Bailout Levels

Of all the dilemmas that option traders face, the question of when to take profits or cut losses is frequently at the top the list. Here, Michael C. Thomsett shows you how to best navigate options trading with specific goals and a bailout point in mind.

Trading the Trendline

Technicians can easily become lost in the complexities of advanced price patterns and the tools used to interpret them. At times, the simple and clear signal is also the best and the trendline is one such tool. Michael Thomsett explains why.

The Mystery of Option “Extrinsic” Value

Once you understand what extrinsic value means in options trading, you will become better suited to manage risks more effectively. These tips by Michael Thomsett will help you to use extrinsic value to your advantage.

Using Options for Swing Trading

As an options play, swing trading is one of the rare examples in which using soon-to-expire, in-the-money contracts provides you a benefit. Here’s a demonstration of how to use this option-based swing trading strategy to leverage your exposure and reduce market risks.

Managing Your Portfolio With Options, Part 2

What’s the “Double-Whammy” short put strategy? In this conclusion to Michael Thomsett’s series on good portfolio management, he explains an options trading strategy that will not only add cash to your account, but also help manage your portfolio.

Managing Your Portfolio With Options, Part 1

Why is options trading still a well-kept secret? Michael Thomsett explains the background of the options market and why options provide tremendous flexibility for all types of traders, even the highly conservative.