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Hedge Funds Off The Record: Steven Drobny on the Past, Present and Future of Real Money

Today in The Big Saturday Interview: Are pension funds and endowments on the way back? Has so-called “real money” recovered from the damage it took during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. Here’s a look back at what author and trader Steven Drobny had to say earlier this spring about the likelihood of a turnaround in the world of real money.

Steven Drobny and the Big Saturday Interview: The Invisible Hands – Hedge Funds Off the Record

What lessons can those who manage billions of dollar in real money – the billions in nonleveraged assets accumulating every year in pension funds and endowments – learn from the global macro hedge fund managers and traders – many of who not only survived the 2008 bear market, but profited during it? Join us for our latest Big Saturday Interview with Steven Drobny, author of The Invisible Hands: Top Hedge Fund Traders on Bubbles, Crashes and Real Money.