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7 Ways to Determine What Stocks To Buy And When

Derrick Bemis

In a previous article I discussed the common mistakes made in retirements and the difference in a trade versus an investment. Let’s talk about the most common question I get. “What should I buy and when should I buy it?” Okay, technically speaking, it’s two questions; but stay with me though. The answer for you […]

10 Reasons to Be Both a Trader and Investor

Derrick Bemis

I wear two hats. One is my green trading hat. The other hat is a yellow investing hat. Why two hats? Because there are two different realms in finance in terms of how we accumulate money. These hats are metaphorical, but they serve a distinct purpose. Here are 10 key reasons to be both a […]

10 Common Retirement Mistakes

Derrick Bemis

I was recently looking at my father’s 401k and cringed at his “picks” (his words). This is a manufacturing guy, not a money guy. I realized though, I went to school for finance, while he went to a factory. So I explained to him some common rules to think about and live by and how […]