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Market Symmetry Part Two

The QQQ and IWM made new bull cycle highs on 3/7/14, which was the anticipated 8.6 cycle time period symmetry, as you were aware of from previous commentaries. The symmetry was 60.2 mo`s, which is 7 x 8.6, and it was confirmed by an O/B condition so the reversal probability was high. The QQQ, following […]

March Time Symmetry

In the previous market commentary, I mentioned that the SPX had consolidated at the 100DEMA 1771 zone for five days in the last week of Jan, but obviously took that zone out with the double bottom low at 1737.92 on 2/5/14. I also said that “There is some significant time symmetry in the first week […]

Trade What is, Not What Should Be

The SPX was -3.6% in January and has now declined -6.1% so far from the [1/15] 1851 high to the 1737.92 low last week [2/5]. The index had consolidated at the 100DEMA 1771 zone for five days in the last week of January, but obviously took that zone out last week with a double bottom […]

Trade the Core Price Action

The SPX resolved its ST/OB condition by making a 1768 low at the 50DEMA on 12/18/13, and then advancing +4.6% to a new bull cycle high of 1849.44 on 12/31/13 to close +30% [29.6] on the year at 1848.36. Congrats to the Fed, or should it be said the master of the Ponzi Scheme. The […]

Symmetry Key in All Time Periods

The SPX was +2.8% for Nov and is +26.6% YTD as it closed +1.1% Fri to 1805.09 on the “funny money” NFP report, which was similar to the ridiculous NFP report etc before the election which the BLS fabricated for Obama. The index finished -.04% last week after 8 straight positive up weeks, and remains […]

High Probability-Low Stress Day Trading

The SPX finished +4.9% for October, and is slightly positive for November so far. The ‘herd’ is all on the same side of the boat in that there is a ‘bubble’, but that the Fed will continue to inflate the markets and bail out the banks, so it is $85 billion QE per month or […]

Don’t Mistake Brains for the Fed’s Artificially Inflated Market

In my previous commentary I said that the scare tactics/lies from both the Democrats and Republicans about the debt ceiling and default etc are just that, but it would be resolved in favor of the market. However, the current resolution is just a stop gap until Feb 2014, and then we get to witness the […]

The Market Hoax will continue with Yellen

In the previous commentary I included the SPX monthly chart of this bull market which outlined the extreme O/B condition and negative 5 RSI Divergence from the 1687 to 1730 cycle high. It highlights the 91.30 RSI at the 1687 high, and the negative 123 declining momentum divergence with the SPX. I also said the […]

Bernanke Confirms The Banana Republic

The SPX was +1.2% last Wednesday after Bernanke’s overt flip-flop surprise on the probable limited taper, which was essentially a choke because of how fast interest rates rose after the Fed floated that probability. It is just another example of the haphazard way in which monetary policy is being administered. The Fed/Administration policy has made […]

Market Declines from Pi Time Symmetry Zone

The SPX was -1.8% last week and finished -3.1% on the month to 1632.97. According to the “trivia” statistic keepers the August trading volume is the lowest on average in more than 15 years. The current decline from the SPX extremely O/B 1709.67 Pi Symmetry high [2013.6] is now -4.8% from 1709.67 to the 1627.47 […]

Day Trading As A Business

The SPX made a bull cycle high at 1709.67 on Friday 8/2/13, followed by the Pi timing week high at 1709.24 [8/5] and then the SPX traded in just a 15 point range the next four days as the index finished -1.1% on the week to 1689.87. Kevin Haggerty’s Professional Trading Service: Every day receive […]

High Probability-Low Stress Day Trading

The SPX was +13.4% in 2012 and +18.6% YTD as of the intraday 7/23/13 1698.78 high. It closed the month +4.9% at 1685.72 and +18.2% YTD. It is an artificial market inflated by the Fed, and the ending will be ugly. How can you not significantly reduce the percentage of your long equity portfolio allocations […]