4 New Ways to Access Our Latest Research

We’ve developed 4 completely new ways to experience the advanced research and trading strategies of Chairman’s Club. These specialty clubs are all aimed at helping you focus on your individual trading goals using the latest quantified strategies from the Connors Research team.

We’re offering 4 highly specialized versions of the Chairman’s Club experience that will enable you to focus on the asset class of your choice while also granting you admission to an active community of elite traders who are interested in deepening their trading knowledge.

You now have the choice of four new editions of Chairman’s Club:

  • Chairman’s Club — Momentum Stocks
  • Chairman’s Club — Low-Volatility Investing
  • Chairman’s Club — Bear Market Protection
  • Chairman’s Club — Options Trading

This is a perfect opportunity to both further your skill set and to concentrate on your specific trading goals. You’ll gain access to the latest quantified research and systematic trading strategies developed by Connors Research, as well as a subscription to The Machine, access to our entire library of quantified guidebooks, and the chance to swap knowledge with a community of top traders.

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