Learn Connors Research Most Powerful Swing Trading Strategies in 1 Day

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The 2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit, which will be conducted on April 5, will be your final opportunity to learn how to swing trade, directly from Larry Connors, using a professional, systematic, data-driven approach to trading that you can apply to your daily trading for the rest of your life.

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Includes both Rapid Profit Target Trading & Trading New Highs!

What You Will Learn at Our 2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit

Our 2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit is structured to make you a complete swing trader. The material that will be covered is for experienced traders. If you are like the majority of traders and hold positions from 2-5 days, this Summit will teach you precise, systematic, quantified strategies to trade.

Included in this Summit are:

  1. High Probability Swing Trading Strategies for Stocks (Long & Short)
  2. High Probability Swing Trading Strategies for ETFs & Leveraged ETFs
  3. Rapid Profit Target Trading

Additionally, all licensed attendees of the TradingMarkets 2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit will receive immediate access to the materials and strategies from our 2013 TradingMarkets Swing Trading College as a bonus (a $995 value).

You will also learn:

  • Asymmetrical Trading
  • Advanced Swing Trading with ConnorsRSI
  • How to Apply Options to Swing Trading
  • The Psychology of Swing Trading
  • Basic & Advanced Money Management Techniques to minimize risk while maximizing gains
  • Putting Together a Comprehensive Swing Trading Business Plan & how to execute this plan each day

 This Will Be Your Last Opportunity to Learn  How to Swing Trade Directly from Larry Connors!

Please note that this is a live online presentation and that you will have the opportunity to ask Larry your questions directly.

Attendees Praise the Course

Our Swing Trading Courses are without question the single most popular educational program we have ever offered at TradingMarkets. Over the past 9 years, over 1,000 traders have used it as a springboard to mastering the art of managing their own money. The majority rate the courses a 10. In fact many believe it’s the best course on trading they have ever taken.

I would rank the course a 10  …  I give this rating because of the course’s quantitative approach to investing in the stock market. Nothing is left to chance” – MC

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* The price of the 2014 Advanced Swing Trading Summit is $2,500. The Summit will be taught live by Larry Connors on April 5, 2014 from 10am ET until approximately 3pm ET. All materials will be provided directly in your TradingMarkets account.