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In May of this year,  we created a private research group for 2015. A number of Chairman’s Club Members came to me asking how they can gain continued access to our new research. After much thought the decision was made to create an exclusive private group which meets each quarter. The group receives new research and new strategies. This research will not be made available to the public and is exclusive to the group only.

At our first meeting in May, new quantified trading research and strategies was presented including:

1. Trading Structural Inefficiencies in Leveraged ETFs. As you are aware, the majority of the leveraged ETFs are traded by speculators who have minimal knowledge that the majority of leveraged ETFs erode over time creating potentially tremendous short-term opportunities for traders. The test results from this research are amongst the strongest we have published and we looked at multiple ways to capture the alpha that exists here.

2. An Introduction to our new “Short Squeeze Indicator” which will assist you in identifying when short squeezes are potentially occurring. As you know, when short squeezes occur, stocks move rapidly higher and this quantified indicator will allow you to find these stocks and either trade their stocks or their long calls in order to capture these moves.

3. PowerRatings – PowerRatings was created in 2005 and has stood the test of time. This was the first time we revealed the actual formula. My goal in sharing the formula is to allow you to see how it works and also to allow for the group to share additional strategies to trade with PowerRatings.

Our next meeting will be in early August and we will share new research on:

1. Asymmetrical Moves in Momentum Stocks – We will teach a step-by-step process to find and construct strong positions on fast-moving sectors and stocks. This will be the first time we teach how to identify and construct fixed-risk positions in the strongest moving stocks, especially those which are being bought by hedge funds and momentum growth funds.

2. Trading News in a Systematic (and Quantified) Basis. Trading News is a popular methodology applied by many hedge funds and the better proprietary trading firms. We will show you a systematic way to trade news, especially on economic reports days and the days following earnings releases.

3. A New Way to Trade VXX on the short side while protecting your position with an efficient hedge. As we have seen since 2009, the value of VXX continues to erode providing traders with ample opportunities for profit. The risk is of course what happens when VXX increases in value? Is there an efficient way to hedge that risk? With the launch of new and possibly better volatility instruments we will share a methodology which allows you a better way to be short VXX at all times in order to profit from its continuous price erosion.

If you would like more details on these strategies and on the Private Research Group, I’m holding a webinar on Monday, July 27 at 1:00 pm ET. If you would like to attend please fill out the registration page above.

Thank you and I look forward to being with you at the webinar.


Larry Connors