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Spring Resolutions for Traders

With the start of Spring, here are a few special resolutions to consider for successful trading from TradingMarkets contributor Larry Schneider.

Stock Index Futures Rollover

What are rollovers, and how do they affect the way you trade in the market? Here’s what you need to know about this unique market dynamic and its function in your tradin

Trading Mini Gold and Silver Futures

Tempted to jump on board in the commodity markets? Before you dive in, here’s another way to make significant profits in trading mini-sized future contracts on gold and silver.

5 Reasons to Trade the New Micro-Sized Currency Futures

Since March 23, 2009, the world of currency futures trading has added a new dimension known as Forex E-micro Futures, and aimed at the self-directed individual trader. TradingMarkets Contributor Larry Schneider takes a look at this E-micro currency futures and how it can work for your portfolio.

How Seasonalities Affect Futures Trades

The futures market trades on a seasonal pattern as the result of multiple factors such as planting and harvesting, weather conditions, etc. See how following seasonal trends can help you maximize your trading effectiveness.