Trading Markets

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A Simple Way to Reduce Your Risk

Walter Peters says he’s heard from hundreds of traders around the globe, and there is one problem that is extremely common: trading too often. Here he explains how avoiding this pitfall can drastically increase your profits and, quite often, the number of winning trades.

How Your Forex Broker Makes Money

How exactly does your forex broker make money? The answer might surprise you. Walter Peters provides a list of the most common ways for forex brokers to earn money.

Why I Add to Winning Positions

Walter Peters explains how traders can exponentially improve their profits by simply adding to winning trades and resisting the temptation to add to losing positions.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Returns

While initially most traders are drawn to trading because of the promise of great monetary gains and freedom from the rat race, they eventually come to realize that trading is essentially a balance of risks and rewards. Here, Walter Peters presents three techniques to finding trades with greater rewards than risks.

How to Trade False Breakouts

How can you use false breakouts as a trading setup to make money? Walter Peters shows you a profitable strategy he uses to take advantage of failed breakouts.

2 Ways to Trade a Pullback

Although there are thousands of trading systems out there, it is possible to find a method that is regularly used in the stock market and can make you a profit. Walter Peters shares some simple trading methods to help you make the best trades.

Why the Risk-to-Reward Ratio is Overrated

There are many things to think about when backtesting your trading system – the reward to risk ratio is only part of the story according to Walter Peters. Here’s why.

How Backtesting Helps Remove Stress

TradingMarkets contributor Walter Peters provides several methods traders can use to remain confident in their ability to make money from the markets.