Trading New Highs – Part 4

Over the past three weeks we have looked at the pattern of when stocks make new highs, they tend to continue to rise. You can find Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here.

On March 20, we will be teaching Trading New Highs. This course will allow you to find the best stocks to trade after they have made new highs. These stocks, done within a portfolio have been back tested and have shown positive returns every year for over a decade.

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In this Course, you will learn:

  1. How to find new highs to trade. Yes, the academic studies have shown 52-week new highs have been great short term investments. Did you know that 6 month highs and 9 month highs do as well (and in many cases do even better than 52-week highs)?
  2. CANSLIM looks to buy strong stocks on pullbacks. If you trade CANSLIM or know the methodology you know this pullback is called “the handle”. In this course, you will find a precise, rule based, systematic way to identify “the handle”. We call it the “Buying Zone” and this combined with the stock making a new high has allowed for substantial positive annual returns every year in the back testing for more than a decade.
  3. You will learn how to enter the stock and you will learn when to exit the position. If you are looking for long-term holds, this course is likely not for you. The movements from these stocks are quick and on average you will only be in a position under one week. This means not tying your money up in long-term positions risking the many unknown economic and political effects that hurt long term investors.
  4. Software – We will provide you with free the software to find these stocks each day.
  5. You will learn exactly how to build a portfolio with stocks making new highs. And the great thing about this strategy is that it has a built in bear market protection mechanism to it. In bear markets, few if any stocks make new highs. Trading New Highs buys in bull markets and is often in cash in bear markets.
  6. Follow-up. After initially teaching Trading New Highs we will meet every quarter for one year to bring you continuing education. When you learn from us, we make sure you have constant customer service to further assure your trading needs are met.

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