Last Chance to Register! S&P 500 Low-Volatility Growth Portfolio Training Session

This is your final chance to sign up for the S&P 500 Low-Volatility Growth Portfolio and dramatically improve your overall gains by trading S&P 500 stocks for both growth and safety.

Here are the 5 most profitable trades in the S&P 500 Low-Volatility Growth Portfolio over the last 2 weeks (June 3 – June 18) .

Entry Date Symbol Entry Price Exit Date Current/Exit Price % Gain Strategy
6/3/13 REGN $232.20 6/7/13 $255.59 10.07% Trading New Highs S&P 500
6/3/13 BCR $103.09 Open $111.80 8.45% S&P 500 Breakout
6/3/13 PFE $27.23 Open $29.40 7.97% S&P 500 Selective Value-10
6/3/13 TWC $95.51 Open $103.01 7.85% S&P 500 Breakout
6/3/13 EIX $45.94 Open $47.71 3.85% S&P 500 Selective Value – 10


REGN Low-Volatility Growth Portfolio Chart

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