Trading the Trend – Part 1

Trading the Trend – Part 1

Traders looking for long signals all the way when price action traded near 1628 zone (give or take a few index points either way) kept themselves on the correct side of trend bias for two major swings.

0617-TM4 - Passamonte

This session profiled was a ‘no-brainer’ for those who can measure & read trend bias tendencies… and it was an enigma to traders that lack the tools we have which keeps them from trying to buy every pause in a straight-down trend. Any time there is a pure trend session in any market or symbol, you just know that most individual traders were on the wrong side of that move, fading and fighting and losing money all the way. It’s entirely possible that some people reading these words right now have been on that wrong side of trend moves before… just like me. Until I learned better and know better now. Everyone else can, too.

Without knowledge and ability to break down each session into segments of high-odds action zones apart from random coin-toss spots, traders are left with mostly unstructured guesswork on which way to lean in probable direction. With the information on this chart visible now and especially what we’ll add to it next time together, staying with the trend and exploiting any market’s natural bias becomes a clearly visible process.

Much More Than This
So far we covered the core basics of how price action tends to behave around its open range zone far more often than not. Any time market action offers you a situation where it acts predictably more often than not, it gives you a decided edge to exploit from trading.

There is a lot more to this overall tactic than what little we’ve covered so far. The next component is actually the crux of vital information and is proprietary to us… something I discovered and developed some time ago, and it withstands the test of time with uncanny, sometimes eerie accuracy. We’ll discuss how to measure, read and know exactly where price action for ANY market will go, more often than not… and you will be able to see it coming far ahead of time.