12 Weeks to Trading Mastery: The TradingMarkets Swing Trading College

Here’s more of our conversation on the Swing Trading College with trader and Education Director for The Machine, Phil Suarez.  Phil will be teaching the 12-week, trader training course for swing traders and active investors that begins Tuesday, February 7th.


TradingMarkets: What do you think is the most important thing about taking a course like the Swing Trading College?

Phil Suarez: The Swing Trading College is the complete and total solution to take a trader to the point that they can professionally trade for a living. You will learn EVERYTHING that you need. You will learn strategies on the long side as well as the short side for both equities as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

A huge part of the course is going to be focused on proper ways to protect your portfolio as you are trading. Risk management is one of the most important keys to any type of trading that anyone does. If you do not protect what you have, you will have nothing left to trade. You will also learn the proper way to set up your trading business if you choose to take your trading to that level. Again, this is the complete solution for becoming a professional trader.

TradingMarkets: What are these swing trading strategies based on? What’s the theory behind them that makes them different?

Phil: The strategies that we teach in the Swing Trading College are unique strategies that help the individual trader to identify edges in the marketplace that you need to find and trade in order to be successful. There is no voodoo or “secret sauce” involved. Here at TradingMarkets, we have one of the world’s largest databases of short-term market behavior and we’ve used that database to analyze and identify edges in the stock market. What we have found is that the trader needs to focus on stocks that are in longer-term uptrends, that then sell off or pullback within that overall uptrend. This is your edge! Buying pullbacks works, and we will teach very precise rules, all fully quantified, for entering and exiting trades based on these pullbacks.

TradingMarkets: What if I am more of an investor than a trader. Is there anything in the Swing Trading College for me?

Phil: I always ask the investor how he or she has performed over the past ten years. Investing and the traditional “buy and hold” formula just has not shown very attractive results over the past decade. The Swing Trading College would be a great solution for the regular investor. It is going to open up your mind to the world of active investing which, if you ask me, is the future of money management. 

The Swing Trading College will teach you fully quantified, active investing strategies.  These strategies are simple to learn, easy to understand, and are based on simple behavioral finance principles. If anything, the investor will learn a few new strategies to complement what he/she already does.  Plus, you can take the strategies that we teach and take your trading and investing to the next level and really learn how to create Alpha (return above the market’s return) in your portfolio.

TradingMarkets: What if I was a Swing Trading College student a few years ago and liked it. What’s new that I haven’t already learned from TradingMarkets?

Phil: I love when alumni return and take the course for a second or even a third time. If someone was student a few years ago, then now is the time to take the course again. We are teaching new strategies for trading stocks, and we are also for the first time teaching our ETF Day Trading Strategy. Not to mention that students now have full access to our The Machine for the duration of the course. The Machine is the first and only financial software that allows individual traders to build a portfolio of individual strategies and then see the fully quantified, historical test results for those strategies in the portfolio. Very powerful.

TradingMarkets: Thanks Phil


Find out why thousands of traders and investors over the years have become a part of the TradingMarkets Swing Trading College. Click the link below to join Phil Suarez for a free, all-questions-answered, sneak-peek preview of the Spring Semester of the TradingMarkets Swing Trading College.

12 Weeks To Trading Mastery: The Spring 2012 Swing Trading College.