40 Key Lessons for Individual Traders from Top Hedge Fund Managers

We’re very excited to announce a live interview we’ll be hosting with Jack Schwager, author of the recently published Hedge Fund Market Wizards and the best-selling Market Wizards series.

Mr. Schwager has sought out 15 consistently successful hedge fund managers in order to distill their unique and variegated approaches to trading the markets. Within a wide range of personal backgrounds and strategies for trading, Mr. Schwager has extracted 40 key lessons from the managers that have enabled and sustained their accomplishments.

The core methods that Mr. Schwager has unearthed are applicable to almost all active investors who are striving to build and improve upon their own trading skill set. With an emphasis on risk management, these top managers have shared how they have achieved lasting performance throughout fluctuating market conditions.

We’re eagerly looking forward to discussing these insights with Mr. Schwager, and invite you to join in on the conversation as we explore how to apply these concepts to your own trading.

Along with the widely read interview series with leading hedge fund managers, Mr. Schwager has written several other highly acclaimed financial books and is also currently the co-portfolio manager for the ADM Investor Services Diversified Strategies Fund.

This will be an interactive interview where you’ll have the opportunity to pose questions directly to Mr. Schwager as we analyze his discoveries and examine how they can be utilized by active traders. We hope to see you there.

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