How To Make Your Day Before 11 AM

Today’s commentary is written by Brice

One of the nice things about trading is that if
you make a nice trade early on, it makes the rest of your day go much easier —
and sometimes you can even take the rest of the day off! While some may try to
put on a trade at the open, we find it’s usually much better to wait for the
market to give you a real setup. This gives you an edge and increases the
probability of a winning trade. Earlier, TradersWire
subscribers got this alert:


Intraday Setup Alert

Whirlpool (WHR)
is trying to rally out of a flag
. WHR is trading at 52.38, up 2.10.



As you can see, the stock went green from this
setup almost immediately for a one-dollar gain in under an hour. Try scrolling
through your charts and look for stocks that have are strong
, and
then look for pullbacks. These can be standard 3-4 bar pullbacks, flags,
pennants, or triangles.

Have a good day,


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