Market Profiling

Trading in the direction of the underlying market dynamics is a good way for
daytraders to hop on an intraday trend in an individual stock and ride it 
for a profit. In the Insights From the War Room we
are constantly monitoring the intraday action of the indices to give us a heads-up on the activity of stocks and the possible direction they will take. When the
market tips its hand, or appears to be showing a bias in a particular direction,
we are going to inform you of it so that you can capitalize on this information.
A good example of this takes place in this morning’s trading.



Nasdaq Alert

The Nasdaq Composite (COMPX)
has gone negative on an intraday basis and is closing on on the level of
Friday’s close.
The COMPX is currently up 7.77 at 1728.13.



At the time this is profiled the Nasdaq Composite has
established a downtrend over a 90 minute period. A quick scan through the
intraday charts of some of the Nasdaq’s biggest weighted components uncovers
some excellent shorting opportunities in the stocks that are weighing heavily on
the index.





All of these stocks are down at least 1 point at the time this
is being written, with the Nasdaq Composite struggling to keep its head above
water. Use the market dynamics we profile, and soon you will be able to sift
through the noise of the market to find where the real opportunities lie.

Until tomorrow,


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