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June 00 T-Bonds


June 00 S&Ps

3/24/00 Short 1550 1575 1520

00 Euro



The June bond contract
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closed up two ticks after selling off earlier this morning on a stronger-than-expected February existing-home sales figure. A weaker stock market caused some bulls to come
out in the afternoon. I still suspect some more downside pressure in the next couple of sessions on the back of Friday’s momentum.

Position: Flat


The June Euro futures
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was down today on comments from
European Central Bank president Ernst Welteke on unlikely further rate increase in the near term. This caused the nervous bulls to sell but the strong ones are still around. I still see a bottom forming here and
Euros look good as a long-term investment.

Position : Flat


view the market as overbought and the Microsoft news was just the

The June S&P futures
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was down today on the Microsoft catalyst. I view the market as overbought and the Microsoft news was just the fire-starter. Medium-term, I still view the trend as up,
characterized by sharp corrections in the future.

Position: Short at the 1550 area. Stops in at the 1575 area. Profit target at the 1520 area.

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