Thank You, Larry And Kevin

Thanks to HamFon
for the Vbands.

BGEN was a potential News Reversal from the
TradingMarkets News Reversal Trading Service.





Previous Day’s


Previous Day’s


Biogen has
lowered its earnings guidance for full-year 2003 with new estimates of
$1.63-1.78 vs. previous estimates of $1.69. The company also reported
results in line with fourth-quarter expectations.

Watch for a gap down opening. If you see a reversal
back up, look to go long just above 35.11 (yesterday’s low).


I watched BGEN gap down and sell off below the 2.0 Vband and then trigger a KH Opening reversal
“Haggerty First-Hour Reversal Strategies”). I went long 2000 shares at 34.35 (first
blue arrow) with a .30 stop and an initial target of .60 for the first 1000. Two
bars later I sold 1000 ($600.00).

BGEN pulls back and now I see a KH 1,2,3 higher
bottom (using the previous day and gap down for the trendline (See “How To
Successfully Trade The Haggerty 1,2,3 Strategy”), and I went long another 1000
with a stop on all 1000 at 34.35. This time my risk is .22 and target .44. Three bars later I sell 1000 ($440.00), and I am in KHeaven.

The next bar
I am up over 3:1 and sell 500 ($345.00) and will sell the last 500 when
BGEN breaks the trendline. But wait. I know it’s the doldrums, and I know KH
would probably not take the trade, but
BGEN and I are in the zone. I see a Slim Jim (triangle) forming (See
How To Successfully Trade The Haggerty Slim Jim
Strategy for Explosive Gains
). It
does a little failure and go and I am on it for 1000 more at 36.00. I sell
the entire remaining 1500 for 36.37
($555.00) when BGEN breaks the uptrend line.

So, 600 + 345 + 440 + 555 = $1940.00, less
$72 commission = $1870.00. Hmm, maybe I’ll buy that Mark Boucher module.

Bill Maurer