Volatile Markets Abound

S&P 500 futures

Same old story. The March contract [SPH9>SPH9] refuses to provide a trade setup. We will remain
on the sidelines.

T-bond futures

Short-term perspective: The March contract [USH9>USH9] rallied close to our exit level today.
Our goal is to exit this trade around 125 for a small loss.

Long-term perspective: The market is still in a downtrend, and momentum and volatility
readings suggest it still has further to go.

Currency futures

Deutschemark and Japanese yen:

Short-term perspective: The March D-Mark contract [DMH9>DMH9] made a correction rally but didn’t provide a trade
setup. The March Japanese yen [JYH9>JYH9] has broken its short-term uptrend. This market
continues to be very volatile and difficult to trade.

Long-term perspective: The March D-Mark continues its downtrend. We’re staying short. If it trades above
the 59.00 level, we will start to cover our short position.

Next scheduled update: Wednesday, February 10, 1999

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