A Winning Record for High Probability ETF Trading Alerts: 13-2 Since July

If you are a subscriber to our High Probability ETF Trading Alerts service, then this may be old news. If not, then take a quick look at what professional trader, Jitten Chandiramani, who runs the service, had to say to subscribers Wednesday morning.

“We have now had 13 wins out of 15 trades, an 87% win rate. More importantly, when taking the scale-in weightings into account, the model portfolio has scaled into 5.8 full positions with an average profit of 1.71% per full position.

For comparison, High Probability ETF Trading’s TPS long statistics reflected an 89% win rate and an average profit on cash invested of 1.45%.

In short, it’s working!”

The High Probability ETF Trading Alerts service is a way for traders looking to get involved in the ETF market to make quantified, statistically-supported, short-term trades in a wide variety of actively-traded exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

And not just any trades. Based on the strategies in Larry Connors’ book, High Probability ETF Trading, the trades offered in the Alerts service are the kind of high-win rate set-ups that set high probability trading apart from virtually every other approach to short term trading.

Find out for yourself what high probability ETF trading is all about with a free, 7-day trial to High Probability ETF Trading Alerts!

Similar in design to Larry Connors Daily Battle Plan, the High Probability ETF Trading Alerts service provides not just high probability ETF trading signals, but also market analysis, ETF charts of interest, a roster of most overbought and oversold ETFs, and a listing of those ETFs that have earned more than one high probability ETF trading signal.

The High Probability ETF Trading Alerts service also features a Model Portfolio to make it easy for subscribers to follow along and track trades. There is also a calendar so that traders can review market analysis and set-ups from previous reports going back to July when the service was launched.

For those just joining the High Probability ETF Trading Alerts, Jitten Chandiramani has included two brief videos: “The Value of Daily Alerts” and “What to Expect in a Daily Alert” to help you get started as a high probability ETF trader. These two recorded presentations help traders and new subscribers to the service not only understand how to best take advantage of the Alerts service, but also provide essential background on what high probability ETF trading is all about: from buying pullbacks and exiting into strength, to scale-in strategies and trading ETFs with multiple high probability signals.

High Probability ETF Trading Alerts may be just what you need to get started in short-term ETF trading. With the markets moving higher, the next round of high probability ETF set-ups could be right around the corner. Why not be there and ready to trade when those set-ups arrive? Click here to start your free, 7-day trial to High Probability ETF Trading Alerts today.