Are You Currently Trading Volatility?

At the upcoming Volatility Trading Strategies Summit you’ll have the opportunity to learn the most comprehensive volatility research currently available to traders – developed by one of the foremost experts on volatility trading.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: volatility is the current frontier of trading for active traders. Trading volatility can offer you substantial potential when traded with the proper quantified, statistically-backed strategies.

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Larry Connors and the Connors Research team have been researching and developing volatility trading strategies for over 15 years, publishing some of the highest-quality and data-driven research utilized by professional trading desks and proprietary trading firms around the world.

At this live, interactive webinar Larry will be sharing the latest quantitative results from the strategies that will be taught at the Volatility Trading Strategies Summit. Some of these ground-breaking strategies have shown simulated historical winning edges of over 90%, and all exhibit some of the highest edges we’ve ever seen among the strategies published by Connors Research.

You’ll learn how to successfully trade not only VXX and XIV, but also how to hold a position in volatility every day with volatility pairs, and even how to day trade volatility and trade volatility options. The Connors Main VXX and XIV Strategies have consistently achieved double-digit annualized returns, and the VXX Special Pairs Strategy has shown some of the highest returns and lowest drawdowns of any volatility strategy ever published by Connors Research.

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