Are You Prepared to Trade a Bear Market?

The TradingMarkets Alpha Club is a research-oriented group devoted to sharing quantified, high-probability strategies to its members every single month. Active traders are always looking for new ways to secure returns above the benchmark indexes – in other words ‘alpha’. We’re not satisfied with returns tied to the market indexes you shouldn’t be either.

Every month members of the TradingMarkets Alpha Club will have access to brand-new quantified trading strategies to immediately start incorporating into their daily trading. As with all the strategies published by Connors Research, full disclosure will be given for every new strategy including the individual rules and historical test results. The Alpha Clubs will focus on strategies that have historically shown significant alpha throughout the extensive back-testing that each are subjected to before being released to the Club members.

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There’s only a limited amount of alpha available on any given trading day. As an active trader you have to be competitive in your training regime as you’re directly going up against the professional trading community. You need to be consistently evolving as a trader, armed with strategies that are evolving as well with the changing market conditions. This is what the TradingMarkets Alpha Club seeks to provide – an ongoing training program that identifies and shares new trading strategies as edges in the markets appear and disappear.

Larry Connors has been publishing professional-level quantified research for almost 2 decades, and his proprietary trading strategies are used around the world. Each TradingMarkets Alpha Club meeting will be led by Larry and the Connors Research staff. As a Club member you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside Larry Connors and the Connors Research team every month as we develop and share the new trading strategies.

Each brand-new, unpublished strategy is completely exclusive to the TradingMarkets Alpha Club members, and will only be published to the general public after a full year following its release to the club. This simple and efficient way to learn and implement new strategies protects your competitive edge and enables you to spend more time trading and less time searching.

All the Alpha Club meetings will be recorded for members to view at their convenience and as often as they’d like. The end goal of this effective, systematic approach to learning new trading strategies is boosting your ability to generate alpha in your trading – and to do so on a regular basis.

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