Believe 7.8% and I Have a Brooklyn Bridge You Can Buy

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Commentary for 10/8/12

The SPX 1474.51 high on 9/14 was followed by a -3.0% pullback to 1430.53 on Wednesday [9/26], and was down 4 of 5 days last week to finish -1.3% that week to 1440.67. The index finished +2.4% for September and +5.8% for the 3rd QTR, so the Generals that essentially track the S&P 500 are happy, but the majority of active managers, and also many hedge funds are still chasing performance.

October started with the SPX up 4 straight days and +1.5%, then we got the BLS obvious fraud unemployment report Friday, which just happens to be the last one prior to the election. What a surprise! Santelli on CNBC had predicted that the UE rate before the election would be the same [7.9%], or lower then when Obama took over because of obvious political reasons.

One of the best comments/tweet I read after the bogus report was by Jack Welch of GE fame “Unbelievable jobs numbers, these Chicago guys will do anything, and if you can`t debate change the numbers”. It wasn`t the BLS statistical arbitrage, but it was more like statistical fraud.

The SPX had the initial hyped jobs bounce hitting 1470.96 on the 10:25AM bar versus the +1.0 VB at 1470.93, and most of the Trading Service members faded the fraud number with a 3 bar reversal short entry below 1469.79, which traded down to a 1456.89 intraday low from the 1470.96 intraday high based on the hype of a UE bogus number.

The SPX finished Friday -.03% on the session to 1460.93 after 4 straight up days, and +1.4% on the week. The index remains O/B on a monthly basis, and has a 123 negative 5 RSI divergence into the 10/6/12 Pi time symmetry.

High Probability-Low Stress Day Trading

MON is a Trading Service Focus stock because it is what I call an Above-the-Line stock. I have included a current 3 day sequence of defined strategy trades in the stock, but the strategies apply to anything you trade including Futures, ETFs, Bonds etc.

On 10/3 the initial over reaction and ridiculous electronic execution resulted in a 87.57 low on the 10:05AM bar, or -3.7% from the previous 90.94 close. That was enough to hit the -3.0 VB zone [99% probability] and the 50DEMA at 87.50. There was no question about taking the signal bar entry above 87.94, and the stock ran to 89.80 on the 11:35AM bar. The daily chart is excellent, and in this setup there was extended -3.0 VB symmetry, as well as the 50DEMA, so you had very good reasons to take the high probability trade.

The next day [10/4] the stock opened up and formed what I call the 1st Consolidation B/O to new intraday highs. The entry above 89.68 was at a lower VB level, but the B/O above 89.68 ran to 90.51 which was right at the +2.0 VB [95%] and then B/O of a sideways range to make a 91.27 high with the +3.0 VB at 91.49. Some traders exited the trade at the +2.0 VB zone, while others exited half a position and stayed with the balance as it was trading mostly above the 8EMA.

On Friday the stock had another modest gap-up opening, but pulled back from the opening bar 91.40 high to 90.78 The trade was to take the 4 bar opening range B/O to new intraday highs above 91.40, and all of the EMA`s, in addition to the previous day high on the 9:50AM bar. It also B/O to new all-time highs above 91.57. The trade was exited on a signal bar reversal below 91.92 versus the +1.5 VB [88%] at 92.10, and the 92.12 high. The SPX had reversed from its intraday hyped UE 7.8% rate 1470.96 high, so there was no market reason to delay turning in the successful rental on MON, and go home flat as you always should when you day trade.

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