Best of the Battle Plan: Two Book Recommendations from Larry Connors

Earlier this year, there have been two excellent, very different books published on the market that are worth purchasing.

The first, More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite, is a history of the hedge fund industry. The author has done a wonderful job of getting behind the scenes of the creation and also the decision-making process of many of the largest and best funds in the world since the inception of hedge funds 5 decades ago. Reading this book opens your eyes to seeing how these great hedge fund managers made decisions along the way and in some cases how they go about building themes and models to trade. This weekend alone, I got nine ideas that I felt were worth us testing and I expect to see at least a few of these ideas find their way into our trading.

The second book is The Fearful Rise of Markets: Global Bubbles, Synchronized Meltdowns, and How To Prevent Them in the Future. The main theme I took from this book was how both risk and volatility remains misunderstood by the majority of fund managers in the world. The author has compiled a number of short chapters and this book helps you better understand how volatility is the central theme of price movement.

In neither of these books will you find a simple set of rules. You have to search for the nuggets and then ask yourself how you can apply them to your trading. But with so many books written on how to trade and how to invest (most are very light), these two books stand out and are worth the time spent in reading them and studying them.

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Larry Connors is CEO and Founder of and Connors Research.