Big Weekly Winners in Stocks: Swing Trading with PowerRatings

Here are some of the top-rated stocks that have outperformed over the past trading


The stocks in this week’s Big Weekly Winners: Swing Trading with PowerRatings all

earned PowerRatings of 9 or higher one week ago.

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Performance as of Week Ending, Friday, March 2, 2012


CX chart

  • Close: February 24
  • Price: 7.36
  • PowerRatings: 9
  • Gain: 9.65%


LCC chart

  • Close: February 24
  • Price: 6.99
  • PowerRatings: 10
  • Gain: 9.16%


NLST chart

  • Close: February 24
  • Price: 3.28
  • PowerRatings: 9
  • Gain: 8.54%

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