Big Weekly Winners: Swing Trading with PowerRatings

Friday’s trading marked the 6th week of gains in a row for the S&P 500, edging very close to the highest levels seen this year so far as well as a new four-year high. Unsurprisingly, trading volume was lethargic last week as we’re now deep into the doldrums of August. While there’s been a lot of talk about how low the VIX has been and expectations of a subsequent drop in the market, if you look at the historical record these levels are no aberration from the norm. Keep an eye out for the housing sector data due to be released throughout the end of this week. The top-performing stocks from this trading week came from the healthcare and financial sectors.

The stocks in this week’s Big Weekly Winners: Swing Trading with PowerRatings all earned PowerRatings of 8 or higher one week ago on August 10, 2012.

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Performance of 8/10/12 – 8/17/12 Trading Week

Agenus Inc. (AGEN)


Shares of Agenus Inc. rose steadily throughout the week, closing Friday in overbought territory with a 10.65% gain after reverting from the 14-day low it had set the previous Friday. AGEN goes into Monday’s open hovering just below its 50-day moving average.

  • 8/10/12 Entry Price: 4.32 with a PowerRating of 8
  • 8/17/12 Exit Price: 4.78
  • Gain: 10.65%

NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NPSP)

NPSP chart

After announcing an extension from the FDA of a new drug application for one of its new products, NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. gapped-up on Tuesday and went on to set a new 14-day high for its 2-period RSI level as is became overbought. NPSP has been trending negatively since setting a new 52-week high in early July, but rallied this week to secure a little less than a 10% gain.

  • 8/10/12 Entry Price: 7.18 with a PowerRating of 8
  • 8/17/12 Exit Price: 7.85
  • Gain: 9.33%

Thomas Properties Group Inc. (TPGI)


After recently announcing a Q3 cash dividend on Thomas Properties Group Inc. stock, the shares traded ex-dividend on Monday to start the week in extremely oversold territory. TPGI spiked throughout Thursday’s trading and managed to hold onto its gains to close the week.

  • 8/10/12 Entry Price: 4.52 with a PowerRating of 8
  • 8/17/12 Exit Price: 4.94
  • Gain: 9.29%

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Joshua Glasgall is Editor in Chief of Connors Research