Bloomberg Financial Releases “How Markets Really Work – 2nd Edition”

hmrw2ndBookCover We’re happy to announce that Bloomberg Financial has released How Markets Really Work, 2nd Edition by Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez.

Larry and Cesar updated the first edition showing how well their original strategies and concepts have performed since the first edition was published more than a half decade ago.

In the book you will find the following information which you can apply to your trading:

CHAPTER 1 Market Edges

CHAPTER 2 Short-Term Highs And Short-Term Lows

CHAPTER 3 Higher Highs And Lower Lows

CHAPTER 4 Up Days In A Row Vs. Down Days In A Row

CHAPTER 5 Market Breadth

CHAPTER 6 Volume

CHAPTER 7 Large Moves

CHAPTER 8 New 52-Week Highs, New 52-Week Lows

CHAPTER 9 Put/Call Ratio

CHAPTER 10 Volatility Index (VIX)

CHAPTER 11 The 2-Period RSI Indicator

CHAPTER 12 Historical Volatility

CHAPTER 13 Creating A Sample Strategy From This Book

CHAPTER 14 Applying The Information In This Book

Also included are new chapters on trading volatility, the 2-period RSI, and building a high performing portfolio.

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