Cheap Speculations

The markets opened a little higher and are now mixed. The Nadsaq is still
holding 3800 while the Dow is trading just over 10925.

There’s not too much exciting news. The drugs are still moving on the news
from Eli Lilly, which gapped down 30 points on Thursday.

In other news, JIT Holdings is merging with Flextronics
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The top five most active calls by volume:

  • AOL January 60s
  • GMH Septembers 30s
  • MDR November 7 1/2s
  • MDR February February 7 1/2s
  • WCOM January 2003 60s

This activity in the MDR contracts may suggest that there’s a calendar spread
seller in the options market.

The top five most active puts by volume:

  • AMAT August 70s
  • AOL September 50s
  • AMES October 5s
  • CSCO August 65s
  • IBM August 115s

It’s interesting to see the activity in the Ames Stores
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5s. Look for an abnormal volume pickup, which may signal that news is coming.