Commodities Fall

With no
economic news
released on Monday traders attention turned to Atlanta
Fed President Jack Guynn, who was speaking before a group of bankers in Florida

Treasuries closed slightly lower, declining for the fourth consecutive day.

The US Dollar Index rose, with the Dollar advancing against all the majors.

Gold, Silver and Copper fell. The prospect of higher interest rates in the US
was cited by many as the reason behind the rising Dollar and falling metals.

Crude Oil, Unleaded Gas, Heating Oil and Natural Gas all declined.

All the softs closed lower, except for Cocoa +0.13%. Cotton -2.25%, Lumber
-1.85% and Sugar -1.85% were the biggest fallers.

The grains were also weak, with Soybean Oil, Soybeans and Corn leading the

The meats were the only bright spot. All closed higher with Pork Bellies rising

Economic News

No economic news today.

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