Connors Research Traders Journal (Volume 10): 10 Smart Ways To Improve Your Trading

Over the next three weeks I’m going to put a trading plan base into place in a series entitled 10 Smart Ways To Improve Your Trading
The series will essentially be a formula which all-combined will give you the base from which to scale on. Most traders believe that simply having buy and sell rules for a strategy is the only thing they need. It’s not. There’s far more required in order to be a successful trader. 
The 10 Smart Ways To Improve Your Trading series will cover: 
1. Know Your Edges 
2. Properly Position Size 
3. Lower Your Risk 
4. Correlations Can Kill 
5. Buy Fear 
6. Sell Greed 
7. Quantify, Quantify, Quantify 
8. Trade VXX. Learn it inside and out. It’s the single most unique equity-related instrument with built-in edges available for you to trade. 
9. Knowledge – Go Deep, Not Wide 
10. The Importance of Execution 
The first of the series will be published later this week. 
I hope you enjoy and learn from my 10 Smart Ways To Improve Your Trading!


Enjoy your trading!

Larry Connors
Connors Research LLC